This is the set where Jisoo records the drama Snowdrop


The magic of the drama sets transport us to another place and make us feel in a different world from reality.

This is the set where BLACKPINK’s Jisoo records Snowdrop, she knows the locations where she will give life to her character called “Eun Young Cho”.

The members of the YG K-pop group have been concentrating on their solo projects, Lisa and Rosé with their solo debuts, Jennie is celebrating her birthday and Jisoo will make her first lead on screen with a period drama based on a story real.

Through social networks, BLINK shared various photos from the set of Snowdrop, a drama starring Jisooin which she plays a female college student. For a couple of months, the idol has been keeping busy with the recordings, as it is expected to be released in mid-2021.

This will be the first main character of Jisoo, who has received the support of her fans and her companions with foodstrucks who have arrived on set, especially in this winter time. Great Korean productions not only involve a great cast, but also require the magic of sets that are capable of moving you to another place.


BLINK and Korean media have shared photos of the Snowdrop locations, the story is a vintage K-Drama , so it is important to set the streets and places that will appear in the series. Despite the snowfalls in South Korea, the staff has done a great job transforming the set into a spring day.

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The recordings will mostly take place at Sumoon University, a place known for being the location for several dramas and films. Jisoo will be a college student who will keep hidden a boy who sneaks into the dormitories after being mugged. The architecture of the building will give an aesthetic and ancient atmosphere to history.

Fake cherry trees, vintage car models, vintage dresses, vintage elements have also been placed, which will create the perfect picture of an ethereal drama. So far, no photos of Jisoo’s wardrobe have been leaked , it is also believed that she could participate in the OST with a solo song. The photos that have been shared give a preview of the university the protagonist attends, as well as the winter scenes with snowmen.

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