This is the reason behind Alex Karev’s departure


Impressed fans still can’t believe Alex Karev left his wife Jo Wilson to go after his former love interest Izzie Stevens in the longest-running medical drama on television, Grey’s Anatomy.

Fans of the ABC series are used to surprises in every season. A recent one was the departure of Dr. Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy, a character played by actor Justin Chambers.

Recall that the original Grey’s Anatomy cast member Justin Chambers made the decision to leave the medical drama with his role as Alex Karev after 16 long seasons.

Much has been speculated about the actor’s departure from the medical series Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the way his character Alex Karev left the long ABC program has been questioned.

For the fans it would not have been a surprise that the creator of the series had assassinated the character since he was one of the most beloved by the fans of Grey’s Anatomy. However, the regular viewers ended up being surprised because in addition to being alive, he said goodbye to the series in a very strange way.

Fortunately, death was not the case for Alex Karev, and now the Grey’s Anatomy producer explained the reason why Chambers’s character was not killed to remove him from the series.

In this sense, when Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers decided to leave the medical drama, showrunner Krista Vernoff and her team decided to make Alex leave his wife Jo Wilson (off-screen) for his old love, Izzie, which ended up annoying many fans in the extreme.

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Vernoff recently spoke with Variety about the decision to let Alex live and this is what the producer of the fan-favorite medical drama Grey’s Anatomy had to say:

“Besides not wanting the actors to go through a long duel, I didn’t want to put the characters in another long duel. And that was probably the most significant. I don’t want Meredith Gray to lose Alex Karev. I do not want to see this! I can not stand it!”

According to Krista Vernoff, not killing Alex Karev allowed Grey’s Anatomy to leave the other characters sad, confused, and even upset with Alex’s departure abruptly and definitively, without raining down a longer duel on them or the actors other than them. interpret.

Recall that in Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Alex were best friends, but she had already lost her husband, mother, father, sister, and other dear co-workers and her character was not going to be allowed any more suffering.

For all these reasons, Gray’s Anatomy producer Vernoff and her team thought it was wrong to do this to her again, to murder someone she loved. Vernoff said the series’ writers also took into account how the audience would feel when making the decision to let Alex live, seeing how his stories and growth have become so important to the show and viewers, noting:

“And I didn’t want the public to go through this. This character was very sacred. And the collective pain in this world and in this country is now very intense and could not be killed. “


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