This is the personalized Xbox Series X of Griezmann


Antoine Griezmann, Barça player, receives a personalized model of Microsoft’s most powerful console with his name and the brand’s slogan.

Antoine Griezmann, the well-known French forward of FC Barcelona, ​​has received a very special gift from Xbox France. And it is that the professional soccer player has shown his new Xbox Series X personalized with his name on the top and the company slogan “Power your dreams” on the bottom, both logos screen-printed on the front of the console. Griezmann himself has shared a photo with his new console through his official Twitter account, thanking the French Xbox delegation for the gesture.

A very special Xbox Series X

Thus, the well-known forward of the Barça club and the French national team has shared such a special gift from Xbox France through social networks: “Proud and honored to be part of the Xbox team, thank you Xbox!”, The player wrote in a tweet along with a photograph of himself with his new console and citing the official Xbox France and Xbox accounts.

All in all, it is one of the few Xbox Series X units officially customized for specific personalities, including specific gold logos such as the athlete’s own name and the company slogan for this new generation.

And is that Griezmann himself has always declared himself a fan of video games; So much so, that he himself has shared numerous videos playing titles such as Fortnite, a hobby that he has even taken to the field with several goal celebrations imitating some of the most characteristic dances and poses of the popular Epic Games battle royale.

Let us also remember that Griezmann himself launched with his brother Theo (an expert player of Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft) a new esports team at the beginning of this 2020 under the name of Grizi Esport, a club that aims to occupy a prominent position in competitions game professionals like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA 20 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


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