This is the new Xbox wireless helmet: battery


The Xbox division announces the new wireless headset that will accompany the Xbox Series X | S line. It will arrive on March 16 to the Spanish market.

Xbox announces its new wireless headset, which will accompany the next-generation lineup powered by Xbox Series X | S. It will support technologies that feature spatial audio, such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DT Headphone. It will go on sale on March 16 at a recommended price of 99 euros.

Erik García, project architect and project leader, assures that they have invested “a lot of time testing audio cameras” to get to know how they behave when reproducing sound in various types of room. “We want them to sound their best for all kinds of sounds in a living room, playroom or bedroom. In the same way, the team has studied the gameplay to ensure a chat that sounds good with a microphone that prevents background noise, ”says García.

The microphone acts according to the command you give it. It includes a function that automatically silences you when you are not speaking, which can be turned on or off whenever you want; if you prefer, you can stick with the traditional manual mute button. To know when it is working, they have added a light indicator that turns on when the microphone is active. As always, you can configure its functions from the accessories application of your platform, be it an Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One or PC with Windows 10.

As for the battery, we can count on 4 hours of duration after a 30-minute charge; If the feeding period is increased to 3 hours, you will have an autonomy of up to 15 hours. You will not need to connect a key or base station to your console for it to work without cables. You can also link them to a mobile device thanks to its integration via Bluetooth. The package includes a USB-C cable of about 35 cm in length, for when you want to charge it.


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