This is the new Xbox experience: from Xbox Series X


Xbox shows what the user experience will be like within its ecosystem starting this November, when Xbox Series X hits the market.

Microsoft shows what the Xbox experience will be like starting with the launch of Xbox Series X this November. The company will unify the interfaces across its ecosystem to create a single, global format. Whether you’re on your console or on your smartphone, the company “aims to offer an Xbox experience that keeps you connected to your games and your friends throughout the day.”

In a video of just over three minutes, the division focuses its goal on creating an environment that is familiar to you regardless of where you are. The user interface will be renewed in all systems, which includes mobile applications, the Xbox Game Pass app for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. As described by those responsible, “the text will be more legible, the On-screen elements will be easier to understand at a glance and completing your goals will be faster. ” All of these changes include new text fonts, revamped icons, and more.

The initial menu will be 50% faster from the moment you start your Xbox. And if you decide to return to it from a game, you will do it 30% faster. All these improvements use 40% less memory compared to now. Thanks to the improvements of the Microsoft Store, you can launch it in just two seconds, in addition to significantly improving the navigability through it.

The Xbox mobile application takes more prominence in the new generation. If you decide to share a video or a capture that you take on your console, these will be sent directly to your mobile so that you can share them on the social network of your choice without having to pause the game. Notifications have also been unified, which will now reflect your activity through mobile, PC and console. Both voice groups and message chats will now appear from a single menu.

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They conclude not without first thanking the users who have been part of Xbox Insider in recent years. “Your feedback has been invaluable in pursuing our vision.” They await more details when their arrival date approaches.


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