This is the most prominent character in the series

Stranger Things

The third season of the hit nostalgia trip through the ’80s classics of Stranger Things ended with a cataclysmic battle at Starcourt Mall, the shopping complex in downtown Hawkins.

While some have speculated in great depth how Eleven, Mike, and the rest of the gang might band together to rescue Hopper, some wonder where Joyce Byers will fit in in Stranger Things.

As Cold War pressures mount throughout the decade, the role of the CIA may also expand in season four as the Upside Down’s supernatural influence begins to alter the events of the story.

One fan theorized that the CIA needed Joyce’s support and all of her knowledge about the Upside Down and thus we will see a Joyce working with the government to get closer to Hopper in Stranger Things.

While this suggests that Joyce could become the subject of clandestine scrutiny by the Central Intelligence Agency, it would be far more appealing to see the resourceful and protective mother take a more active role in Stranger Things.

Joyce, who previously worked at a grocery store on Stranger Things season three, may be looking for a new job as she accepts another guest at the Byers’ house, Eleven.

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