This is the Most Expensive iPhone 12 in The World, it Costs More Than € 140,000


iPhone 12: An expert in wrapping the latest market trends in luxury and decadence, Caviar already surprised us in July 2017 with what must be the most expensive Fidget Spinner in history, made of pure gold and valued at one million rubles, about 14,500 euros. To the change. Or Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in versions made with high jewelry materials such as black Onyx and gold or blue diamonds.

But the auction was already things like an iPhone X made of titanium and meteorite stone from outer space; an IPhone 12 made with a piece of a real spaceship; or an iPhone 12 Pro made only of wood and sold for 10,000 euros

iPhone 12 PRO Ultra Goldphone

But Russian friends never disappoint, and we are always on the lookout to see what the next madness is that they have prepared for eccentrics, many millionaires and people who want to throw money like a Leonardo Dicaprio meme. And what if they have been surpassed, because what comes out of mixing a bar of pure gold with an iPhone 12?

Described by themselves as “a pure gold bullion with iPhone characteristics”, the PRO Ultra Goldphone is basically an iPhone 12 encased in a case made of pure 999.9 (24 karat) gold, so you can choose which model. of iPhone 12 you want it to be embedded inside -if it is the iPhone 12 Pro or the Pro Max model-, and also what internal storage capacity, if 128GB, 256GB or 512GB.

But of course, we are in August, and in theory next month we will see the iPhone 13. Are we going to spend a bit on an iPhone model that is going to be out of date in weeks? Well, you know that Caviar thinks of everything, and the price includes “2 free replacements of the Goldphone smartphone for later versions within a period of 3 years”, so you can at least renew it up to the iPhone 15.

The price? CRAZY
Ok, we come to that section in which Caviar products show that they are not made for poor workers: How much is the iPhone 12 PRO Ultra Goldphone worth? Well, if you get the most Premium model, the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max, the price is $ 170,230, which is equivalent to more than 140 thousand euros to change … If you have that money and do not know what to invest it in, here we leave you the link to the store, as the PRO Ultra Goldphone comes in a very limited edition of only 7 units.

And honestly, gold is always a good investment because it never loses its value. Then we leave you the text that accompanies the official announcement, because of course there is no waste. We haven’t added anything, just translated:

“The sheen of the purest gold gives the smartphone exclusivity and shows the extraordinary and elegant taste of its owner.

The laconic shape and smooth lines are a real treat. It is a glorification of asceticism and luxury beautifully combined. The Caviar crown logo adds sophistication and charm to the model.

The Caviar iPhone 12 PRO Ultra Goldphone is made for the elite. More than just a gold smartphone, it is the unspoken symbol of captivating elegance and impeccable style. “


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