This is the imposing mansion that belonged to Joe Biden


The presidential race is in its final stretch, where Donald Trump will seek re-election for four more years, while former Vice President Joe Biden will seek to return the White House to the hands of Democrats.

The contest is so exciting that the relatives of both opponents have also been immersed in the controversy, as happened recently with Eric Trump, the tycoon’s son, who used his Twitter account to display the supposed wealth of the Democratic candidate, but what did with information full of inaccuracies.

Eric, 36, shared a photograph of an imposing mansion that belonged to Joe Biden, in order to point out that it was impossible that with his senator’s salary he could have a residence of such dimensions.

“The salary of a United States senator is $ 174,000 a year. This is Joe Biden’s house… it looks legit, ”Eric Trump wrote on October 17.

After the accusations, investigative reporter Mike McIntire assured that the house in question did indeed belong to the Democratic candidate, but that he had not lived there for 24 years.

Mike recalled that the house, which is 10,125 square feet and two stories high, was bought by Jill Biden’s husband in 1975, three years after his divorce from Neilia Hunter.

At that time he paid only $ 185,000 for it, as it was prepared for demolition.

In 1996, after 21 years of constant improvements and expansions, Biden sold it for $ 1.2 million.

The residence, marked 6 Montchan Drive and built in 1930, has five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, kitchen, dining room, foyer, living room, main room, among other rooms, including an unfinished basement.

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Outside it has extensive green areas, with a guest house, with a pool with its respective spa area and its pool house.

It also has a children’s play area and various gazebos full of greenery.


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