This is the house in Colombia of Carlos Vives


The 59-year-old Colombian interpreter Carlos Vives became one of the three great winners of the Latin Grammy last night, having won three gramophones in the categories’ Best Contemporary Album / Tropical Fusion ‘for’ Cumbiana ‘,’ Best Tropical Song ‘for the theme’ Canción Para Rubén ‘and’ Best Long Version Video ‘for the documentary’ El Mundo Perdido de Cumbiana ‘.

These achievements come in a difficult year for the singer, who had to take refuge in his home in Colombia to protect himself from COVID-19, but that was not an impediment for him to stop doing what he is so passionate about.

Through various videos and photographs, the one born in Santa Marta has led us to see the home he shares with his children and his wife, Claudia Elena Vázquez, in Bogotá, Colombia.

In one of his quarantine videos, which lasts more than three minutes, he is seen singing the song ‘No te Vayas’, while Elena and Pedro, two of his children, and Claudia Elena take us to see their home.

Thanks to this material, we were able to explore his kitchen, his dining room, his living rooms, among other rooms.


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