This is the commercial jet that reaches the speed of sound


The plane is the fastest and safest means of transport, but there are those who want it to be even faster. Improving the engines is not the only solution, you also have to change the design so that it does not do much resistance. Maybe for the typical 747 this is a bit difficult, but the guys at Boom Supersonic are the ones who have managed to build a jet that travels at mach 1.3.

44 passengers at mach 1.3 speed

This is the great promise of the next Boom Supersonic jet. This newly created aeronautical company has been working on how to give an airplane the ability to travel much faster, specifically at the speed of sound. There are models that break this speed barrier, but very few that do so for what is a commercial flight.

And this is where his latest engineering work called XB-1 comes in. It is a commercial jet, a small airplane with a capacity of up to 44 people on board. General Electric is the company guilty of reaching mach 1.3 speed thanks to its extensive experience in manufacturing engines for fighter jets. In this case, it will be the J85-15 model that propels the aircraft through the sky at the speed of sound.

This is a breakthrough and cuts flight time by almost half. According to The Verge, the XB-1 is capable of making trips like New York-London in 3.5 hours instead of the usual seven hours. These measurements are very interesting for users, but it may be that when you know the price you will not feel like it. And it is that everything indicates that the price of the seat in this supersonic jet will be around 5,000 dollars, a price that does not fit all pockets.


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