This Is The Case For Your AirTag That Protects It From Water


AirTags are Apple’s new gadgets so you don’t lose any of your personal belongings. There were already other devices like this on the market, but the bitten apple has set out to improve them and it seems that it has. However, you need your device to be protected in some cases and that is why you may need something to keep it well protected. For that you have this new case with which to protect your AirTags.

This is the keychain to protect your AirTags

The electronic devices that you have at your disposal need some care. A minimum of this is to put some type of protection or cover, but in the case of AirTags it is an almost mandatory element. It is true that when putting it in any object such as a purse, bag or backpack, but this is not the only thing you can continue with these devices. You can even put the name of your pet and use it as an identification badge and it is in these types of cases when you can use some extra protection.

For those moments Nomad has presented a sturdy key ring for AirTags. From the bitten apple you have different accessories to which you can place it, but this one seems more prepared for the ‘day-to-day suffering’. By this we mean a somewhat harsher treatment than the one that can be inside a container, as is the case we mentioned before using it as an identification tag for your pet.

It turns out that the company has created a case that protects the AirTag and is also customizable. It can be engraved, so if you do not want to engrave anything directly on the AirTag you can do it on the metal of this accessory. But the best thing about the Rugged Keychain, as it is called, is its protection. It turns out that it serves as a shell to keep it from getting in contact with dust and water. In fact, it is IP67 certified for water and dust, so you won’t have to worry about anything bad happening to it unless you put it in an aquatic environment for more than 30 minutes.

As for the price, the Nomad company has put its Rugged Keychains for about 30 euros at the change on its official website. For about 20 euros more you can put the engraving that you want, but you should know that this is a reserve price. Once the device is launched, it will cost about 40 euros to change.


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