This is SUGA’s beauty secret to porcelain skin


Without a doubt, Suga is one of the BTS members considered one of the most adorable and in fact has porcelain skin. Here we leave you his beauty secret.

Although it is known that BTS members often wear makeup during their performances and events, it is generally quite subtle and is a complement to their beautiful fashion and always colorful hair, but if you are interested in Suga, here we tell you his secret which you will surprise.

On stage Suga tends to perform phenomenally with his dance techniques, not forgetting his wonderful voices, his adorable antics on stage and on social media, and his perfect face.

Suga and his beauty secret

Although as K-Pop artists BTS members wear makeup sometimes, they bless their fans with makeup-free selfies so we can see how flawless their skin is even without makeup, so we tell you what are some of the types and routines. that these young people do to see themselves too.

For example, Jin, who has been nicknamed handsome by almost everyone around the world (a nickname he happily uses for himself as well), is just as handsome without makeup.

RM has become the leader of the band, mainly due to the fact that he speaks fluent English a little better than the rest of the group. In fact, RM (which stands for Rap Monster, though he doesn’t use that nickname anymore) often changes his hair color and usually wears it with pretty subtle makeup.

RM focuses on taking good skin care with a wide variety of masks and in 2017 gave us a revelation by saying that his favorite brand is Mediheal.

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J-Hope’s skin is of utmost importance to him, and he owes it to the fans. “Taking good care of your skin is the number one rule for all celebrities” so stick to your skincare routine, he said. “In the morning, I use toner and face cream. At night, the steps are toner, essence, acne care, lotion and cream, “he said.

V said “I don’t have a particular bad habit, but I am concerned that my skin lacks elasticity, while Jungkook said that he relies on toner and cream every day to keep his skin soft and smooth, and Jimin chimed in to add that loves cleaning his face after performances.

Jimin makes sure to drink more water on flights to and from events, because he knows the air on the plane will dry out his skin.

Now we arrive with our adored Suga, it turns out that he doesn’t have a skincare routine, can you believe it? Suga, the BTS rapper, turned out to have a skincare routine that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the group. “My bad habit is that I don’t take care of my skin,” he told Allure in the interview.


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