“This is not Liverpool’s style — Fans Have Spoken Out About The FSG Ownership Debate.


Since the owners of Liverpool Fenway Sports Group want to sell the club, we talked to a number of fans to get their opinion about the possibility of a takeover of the club by rich partners from foreign countries.

What are you willing to do for the sake of a successful Liverpool football club?

FSG invites participation in proposals for full ownership of LFC, with some supporters excited about the prospect of more financial support.


But should we worry about where this money is coming from? Man City and Newcastle often find themselves in the spotlight because of the origin of their ownership models. Would you be open to the idea of similar investors, or does FSG need to make sure they sell to the right people?

We spoke to people like Chris Pajak and Chloe Bloxam from The Redmen TV, Keifer McDonald from the Liverpool Echo, Jeff Goulding from This Is Anfield and Gareth Roberts to get their opinion on this issue.

“That would be a real problem for me”

Can you really imagine Liverpool Football Club being owned by the state? In many ways, this would contradict everything that the LFC stands for. Unsurprisingly, some supporters are concerned about this prospect:

“That would be a real problem for me. I don’t think that as a person I can spend the last few years criticizing the ownership model of Man City and the politics of this state, as well as criticizing the owners of Newcastle United, and then turn around abruptly.”

– Jeff Golding (@ShanklysBoys1)

“You just can’t ignore how they collect their money and what they do — kill journalists, don’t unite with people in communities and the like, outlaw homosexuality. To use an old phrase, it’s not the “Liverpool way.”

– Gareth Roberts (@robbohuyton)

“The concern here is what will happen next with Liverpool Football Club? If we end up in the wrong hands, the fans will resist a lot.”

– Chris Payak (@mrbloodred)

“What is dirty money?”

An alternative point of view is that there is no such thing as “dirty money” and there is no real way to continue competing with players like Man City without having the same financial support:

“People keep telling me, ‘Do we need dirty money?’ What is dirty money? It doesn’t matter where the money comes from. From the 60s to the 80s, we were the most successful. It was the heyday of our clubs. This money came from Moore’s legacy at Littlewoods Pools. We took it gracefully, and we have an unsurpassed history…”

— Dave, a Liverpool fan.

“I would still support the players on the pitch, I would still support Jurgen Klopp because I don’t think half of them would agree with that. Well, I hope not all of them.

– Chloe Bloxam, The Redmen TV

“Including me, everyone would like to see Liverpool win the Premier League and the Champions League in a row, you have to pay for it.”

– Keifer McDonald (@KeiferMacd)

What position do you take in this dispute?

Does Liverpool still have a way to compete with Man City and Newcastle without new investments, and if not, maybe that’s why FSG is inclined to sell?


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