This is my War: How to save


This War of Mine uses a dark point of view where players will have to navigate through a war zone from a civilian perspective. It’s not easy to survive when it’s hard to find food, and people are fighting each other with a “us or them” mentality. While playing This War of Mine, players must collect any remaining resources from abandoned locations.

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If a character dies, it can greatly affect the family, first of all greatly worsening their mood. With this in mind, players will want to avoid death as much as possible, so knowing how to save and load in This War of Mine will be useful knowledge.

How to save in this my war

There is no manual save and download button in This War of Mine. The game is automatically saved when the day changes, so if players want to restart the previous day, they should close the game before it is saved at night. Otherwise, people will get stuck with a game file that they don’t want to store.

While this feature can be disastrous in some cases, in some scenarios it is actually good. Since the game is saved as a shift day, the rest of the day can change constantly. Therefore, if the camp was looted at the beginning of the day or someone got sick or injured, players can restart the day to get a different result. This can be very useful if people can’t afford sick or injured characters.

This trick can also be used to recruit a character with the most useful skills in This War of Mine. This includes people such as:

Marin — Reduces the cost of crafting. Boris is the largest inventory size. Katya is the best character for trading.

If someone knocks on the door and it’s not the person the players want to join their family, then, again, they can just reset the day to change the outcome.

Since death is probably the main reason why players will want to start the day anew, then instead of trying to save and load, it’s better to learn how to avoid death. After all, the game is a survival game, so players should strive to survive without second chances. To facilitate this task, it is extremely important to find out which weapons are the best in This War of Mine, as well as to recognize unsafe places and how to deal with NPC scammers.

This War of Mine is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and mobile devices.