This is Minabo, The Surprising Social Simulator From Devilish Games


Minabo is the new project of the Spanish Devilish Games. We will have to go through the cycle of life with our own turnip. Grow, develop and live. Devilish Games, studio based in Villena (Alicante), discovers his next project: Minabo. This curious social simulator will take us on the road of life with these nice vegetables. The team is aiming for its spring 2022 release on PC via Steam.

The life of your turnip

“Your life begins when you sprout from the ground, time passes with each step you take and you decide at what pace you walk at any time,” reveals the company in its official description on Steam. “You learn from experience: surround yourself with other turnips and interact with them to forge your personality. The strengths and weaknesses that you acquire will affect your future interactions ”.

We will have to build our social circle “by taking care of the relationships that matter most to you and fleeing from those you don’t want to have in your life.” “You can adopt a lot of radish-pets and spend your life with them, start a family and breed turnips or live fast and die young There are thousands of ways to live life and none is the right one! Simply … Live as you please! ”

From Devilish Games they use a nice aspect to narrate a tough adventure, like life itself. “Would you change something in your past? What if you hadn’t been a jerk with that childhood friend? What if you had spent more time with your family? Minabo will allow you to discover it if you decide to go back to the past instead of starting a new life ”, they reveal. They emphasize that each life and character are generated “randomly”, so we can expect changes when starting a new cycle.

Its attractive visual style is in keeping with the many accessories that can be fitted. These “collectible hats” alter your personality with multiple effects. Some will make you more in love, others will make you more prone to other turnips hating you and changing your life expectancy, among others.