This is LG’s project for a rollable smartphone


It is a fact that all the major mobile phone manufacturers are working on their rival for the Galaxy Z Fold. There is no doubt that Samsung has established a chair in this segment, also providing two different types of terminals. Many take it as a reference, but it seems that LG is thinking of another type of terminal when we see the plans of a possible rollable smartphone.

This is the rollable smartphone that LG raises

LG is one of the most important companies in the world of smartphones. It is true that the competition is fierce, but it knows how to face it with high quality terminals. However, it is in the group of all those firms that seek the ability to make a folding phone with which to convince users. 5G is a feature that reaches more and more people, but it is a fact that the way to manufacture this class of devices seems the same.

But this is something that the Korean firm disagrees with when we see this new design of a rollable phone by LG. By calling it that we are not referring to a terminal that is made of a single surface that you can modify at will. The concept is very different and you can see it in the image that follows this paragraph.

As you can see, according to Let’sGoDigital, the terminal respects the classic look of a smartphone. This means that no fold will be seen in the first instance that modifies its structure, but this changes if the user stretches one of its ends or both. This is important because the extension system is independent and allows one or two sides to be pulled out at the same time.

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However, it seems a somewhat difficult design to fit into what would be the mechanics of a smartphone of these characteristics. As can be seen, the stretching mechanism has paddles that depend on springs for their movement. The presence of these springs would make the terminal thicker than usual, so it would lose the essence of what a mobile is.

In other words, by bulging so much it is more like a tablet when stretched than a smartphone, so we will have to wait to see what the real project that the Korean firm has is if it plans to launch a device with these characteristics .


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