This is Lenovo’s New 86-Inch Screen For Business


Lenovo: In many places they have become aware that teleworking is a good alternative for many to continue with their work without going to the office. In fact, users have caught up to make it possible to have everything they need to set up a home office. But not all solutions are small or designed for small spaces as evidenced by the imposing 86-inch screen that Lenovo has presented.

This is the new Lenovo ThinkVision family

One of the things that many remote meeting companies need is large screens. In a meeting room it is important that all the guests see themselves as they should, even if some are elsewhere. But we are going to talk about one of those solutions that Lenovo offers for the most professional users or directly for companies.

We are talking about its new Lenovo ThinkVision family, which is divided into three different space models. They are 65, 75 or 86 inches long, although they all share their 4K resolution with up to 400 nits of video. As vision is very important, the firm has put some details on its screens such as anti-reflective coating to avoid vision failures in addition to a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Another point that you should keep in mind about these ThinkVision screens is that they are not only used in the most traditional way since it is tactile. That way you will have the possibility

The device also has a large number of ports so that you do not miss anything, from a USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and audio. Of course it has its own processor with 4GB of memory and 64GB of internal storage so you can load the files you need. Nor does it lack a webcam that has 4K in its resolution, two speakers of 15 watts of power and also a microphone to be able to speak.

Regarding the prices of these new screens, Lenovo has put three different ranges depending on the screen chosen, being the amounts of 4,999, 6,999 and 7,999 dollars according to the different sizes available that we have told you at the beginning of 65, 75 u 86 inches.