This is Landlord GO, real buildings among Pokémon GO


Become a real estate agent with the latest Reality Games game for Android and iOS mobiles, which already has one million users.

Perhaps that is the best possible description for Landlord GO, that of a mix between Pokémon GO and monopoly. The game is the last great success of virtual reality on mobile devices, where it accumulates more than one million users worldwide and a whopping 37,261 people in the city of Madrid. Because Landlord GO is about that, about cities, people and buildings. Well, and also to speculate, why fool ourselves. The title of Reality Games proposes us to buy, sell and even collect the rent in the most emblematic buildings and places in the world. His idea is simple: you take out the phone, check what properties are available around you … and negotiate!

Landlord GO is constantly bidding with other players for the actions of the world’s most iconic buildings. The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Museo Nacional del Prado, the Wanda Metropolitano … But be careful, because the grace does not lie only in getting hold of them, but in exporting to the world all the little shops and anonymous places that you come across in your day to day. It is awarded to be the first to use the Landlord GO in an area and discover its buildings. Do you know a coffee shop in your neighborhood that you think is about to become the next Starbucks? Well go ahead. Make an offer on it and collect the rent from the crowds that crowd your door. His success in real life will be yours in the game. The dataset that manages the title, right now of more than 500 million real properties and even with NASA satellite scans for its maps, does not stop growing with the contributions of users, who can build a vast empire from either side. An idea that aims to transfer “the experience of competing in the exciting high-risk real estate market from the phone.”

Available for Android and iOS, the title also has desktop applications and its star function is an artificial intelligence and data platform called Big Dots, which allows you to constantly add real-world real estate data. An application that Reality Games believe makes a difference. “What makes Landlord GO unique is the feeling of realism.” Let it not be said. If we know anything about anything in this country, it is speculative.


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