This is Krieg the Psychopath and Fantabulous Calamity


Borderlands 3 will receive its fourth and final DLC planned in the season pass: Krieg the Psycho and Fantabulous Calamity. It will arrive on September 10.

2K Games reveals the fourth additional content for Borderlands 3. Krieg the Psycho and Fantabulous Calamity will invite you to a new line of arguments starting next September 10. It will be included in the season pass and in the Super Deluxe edition.

As the company describes in a press release, the Vault Hunters will venture into the search for the Camaragedon, where you can discover the answer to “one of the greatest mysteries in the galaxy: why are the psychopaths of Borderlands so out of the pot? ? ”. To do so, Patricia Tannis will project the players into the mind of Krieg, a psychopath incapable of telling the secrets that he keeps in his head.

To top it all, Krieg has two opposing personalities, one calm and the other bloodthirsty. We will have to join forces on both sides to find the answers and rewards they await in Camaragedón. So far no further details have transpired, except for the trailer in the header that accompanies these lines.

The next stop for this DLC will be on August 29 at 22:25, where it will appear on the IGN broadcast on the occasion of Gamescom 2020.

Post-launch content

Krieg the Psycho and Fantabulous Calamity follows in the wake of content that preceded it, such as Moxxi’s Heist of Handsome Jackpot and Blood Reward: For a Handful of Redemption, among others. Your Season Pass is available on all platforms Borderlands 3 is on at a price of € 49.99. In this way it would be the last of the packages expected to arrive as part of your roadmap.

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