This is Killjoy, the new Valorant agent; all your skills


This shrewd inventor from Berlin is capable of putting her enemies against the walls; We tell you everything that is known about her abilities.

Valorant is about to premiere Act 2 of its first episode, at which point a new agent will arrive to fight on the battlefield. Riot Games made the identity of the fighter official, which responds to the name of Killjoy. We don’t know if it will be a party pooper, as her name hints, but judging by the assortment of skills she has, the contestants won’t be overjoyed when she powers up.

Through the official website, the North American company has described all of Killjoy’s skills. This is an agent who thinks more about tactics than weapons themselves, which does not mean that she does not have the resources to put the fiercest of enemies in a bind. As an inventor, her ingenuity is above average, so she is able to build what is necessary to carry out her plans.

These are the skills of Killjoy

By using Alama’s Bot, Killjoy deploys a device that hunts down rivals who enter her field of action. When this assassin bot reaches its target, the hapless enemy flies through the air. Furthermore, it is not limited to doing damage, but also causes victims to be vulnerable and receive double damage from any source. If we want to retrieve the bot, just press and hold equip.

Before we said that the tactic was the most important thing, but that the agent also used some other destructive weapon. The Turret ability deploys this device, which hits enemies in a 180-degree cone. By holding down equip we can pick up the deployed turret. Thanks to it, it is possible to defend a zone alone, although the blind spots have to be made by other teammates.

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