This is how you change the name of your iPhone in iOS 14


One of the tools that have been a before and after in electronics is Bluetooth. Any device that carries it is capable of exchanging data with others that are nearby. Televisions, telephones, computers … they all have their communication chip compatible with other devices and the iPhone is no exception. In fact, your terminal can have the name you want to find it whenever it is visible and today we tell you how to change the name of Bluetooth in iOS 14.

How to change the Bluetooth name

Every smartphone has a name depending on the model as well as a serial number that determines it at a technical level. This is so, and it is also the name that the smartphone has in the factory Bluetooth. In this way it is possible to find your mobile whenever you want to pair it with another device or receive data from another terminal. But if you want to give yours an extra customization, we’ll tell you how you can change the name of your iPhone’s Bluetooth.

It may seem like you don’t need it, I hope that’s the case, but if there are several terminals of the bitten apple in your house or associated with an account, this function will help you to recognize them instantly. Everything goes through a change in the terminal settings and you will have to follow the path Settings> General> Information about and you will have the name of the terminal at your disposal. Now comes the simple thing since you only have to click on the part of the name and write the one you want.

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Now, when you send a file via Bluetooth to another device, the name you have given it will appear instead of the one that comes from the factory. In the case of Apple, it will be determined as an ‘iPhone de’ followed by the name of the user to which the Apple account is associated.

Other tricks of iOS 14

The change of the iPhone name in iOS 14 is one of the many features that Apple’s operating system has that has not changed over time. But perhaps with the arrival of the new update many have been relocated with some functions. As for the news, during these last months we have given you the clues to use them from the management of the new widgets to how to use the Back Tap of iOS 14, two functions that came as great news to compatible Apple mobiles.


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