This is how Xavier Ortiz looked 30 years ago


The singer and actor Xavier Ortiz, who was the husband of Paty Manterola and was part of the Garibaldi group like her, looked like this 20 years ago when he was part of the group

Así lucía Xavier Ortiz hace 30 años cuando era parte de Garibaldi(Instagram)

Unfortunately, a news that has surprised many, especially his admirers and friends, because Xavier Ortiz recently lost his life, the ex-husband of Paty Manterola and a member of the Garibaldi group, this is how he looked 30 years ago when he sang in the group, was Sergio Mayer who shared the news.

His full name was Xavier Ortiz Ramírez, he was not only a successful singer from the 90’s, but he was also an actor, his profession was a surprising dental surgeon, no, he also ventured into the world of production, modeling and was also a businessman.

Xavier Ortiz was part of the original members of the Garibaldi group, which was created in 1989, although to date it has had many changes in relation to the members and the music, the original singers will always be remembered mainly because today they are great personalities of the show, of course those who decided to continue their career in show business.

It may interest you: Xavier Ortiz, former singer of the Garibaldi Group, loses his life

The actor was 48 years old, so when he joined the group he was approximately 18 years old, the garibaldi phenomenon was a success throughout the nineties, including a film starring the interpreters of hits such as “The banana”; “La Bolita” and “La Ventanita”.

We remember Xavier as a blond boy, thin and with an intense tan, who fell in love with his admirers with his beautiful green eyes, that image will remain forever in the memories of his fans from those years.

You may recognize some names from the list of original members:

Sergio Mayer
Patricia manterola
Charlie lopez
Pilar Montenegro
Xavier Ortiz
Luisa Fernanda Lozano
Katia plains
Victor noriega

Today some names you will identify immediately because over twenty years they managed to stand out in the world of stars and even politics.

As you may know, Xavier was a husband for five years with his partner Patricia Manterola, although in reality they were together for fifteen years, they went through ten years of their courtship and five of married, ending their marriage in 2005.

Although Xavier Ortiz’s career was not as well known as the name of his ex-wife or the current Deputy, he managed to fulfill several dreams and become a productive person for society by providing jobs with his businesses.

Unfortunately, this September 7, he passed away, although the cause has not been specified, his friends and family mourn his loss as well as his fans.

It was precisely his friend and former colleague of Garibaldi, the Deputy and president of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Mayer was in charge of making the news public through his Twitter account.

In his publication, he shared the sad news, and he regretted his loss, offering his condolences to his family and especially to his friends, from what can be seen Xavier was an extremely important person for the Deputy.

I take this means to tell you that I am hurt, devastated, by the loss of a great friend, a brother because there are siblings of blood3 and there are brothers who are chosen for life, and he was my brother because we both decided so “, he shared Sergio Mayer.

It was precisely on Twitter where supposedly a sister of the actor and singer is commenting that Xavier took his life due to depression and financial problems that he was going through, although his identity cannot be verified at the moment, share this type of comments It is something quite strong, we hope it was not like that and that rumors do not start about what happened with Ortiz.

Carmen Salinas is another of the celebrities who mourns her loss, as you will remember Xavier played the character of “Bugambilia” in Aventurera.

It is said that after having gone through a bad economic streak after having had a strong accident3 on his motorcycle, his health problems began, perhaps it was this that caused his loss in one way or another, the entire community of artists is sad and crying for his departure.


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