This is how the London Marathon will prevent infections


The London Marathon is a marathon that has been held annually in the city of London (United Kingdom) since 1981, normally in April, although this year, and due to the global pandemic we are experiencing, it has been moved from . The event is one of the members of the World Marathon Majors, the competition that brings together the six great marathons: New York, Chicago, Boston, Berlin and Tokyo, as well as London.

And so that this year, in the midst of a global pandemic that we are experiencing such as that of the Coronavirus, it is celebrated with total safety and minimizing possible infections, those responsible have had to pull technology.

Wearables for the 2020 London Marathon

The English robotics company Tharsus has created a device called Bump, which will be used by the 100 elite athletes who will participate in the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races of the London Marathon to maintain social distance. In addition, up to 500 members of the event’s operational team will also use Bump for effective distancing.

How does it work? Bump technology focuses on static and portable devices that use radio frequency technology to immediately alert users when they get too close to another person. The London Marathon wearable will be hung around the neck of athletes and operational personnel as if it were a necklace, or hooked to a belt or garment.

Social distancing in a marathon

The use of Bump will allow organizers to “accurately and frequently monitor the time elite athletes and event staff spend within a predefined distance from each other.” The system will allow that if a user tests positive for Covid-19 in the two weeks following the event, the organizers can trace their interactions to specific users to inform them.


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