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Learn about the history of TinyTan, the animated characters of BTS, and how they were created. The popularity of the BigHit boygroup has spread to other fields, capable of marketing their own brand of accessories, clothing and more. Unlike BT21, creatures that were created by the members of the K-pop group themselves, these animated chibis are a representation of each of the members and their creator spoke about their meaning.


Through an interview for the portal The Korea Herald, the creators of TinyTan explained how the idea of ​​little idols of BTS in their chibi version came about. These characters were introduced to Bangtan since last year, even giant figures appeared in the Pop-Up Store in South Korea, before it was established as a new brand.

The TinyTan will be destined to be a small K-pop group, in addition to releasing music, such as “Magic Door” and “We are Bulletproof: the eternal”, these characters will have their own line of cosmetics, accessories, collectibles, among others , its creator assured that he tried to capture the characteristic features of each of the idols.

The creative mind behind BTS’s chibis explained that for TinyTan’s animated videos he was inspired by the energy that the group inspires in their fans, as well as the energy they receive in return when they interact with ARMY, in addition to their music it has given. I comfort the fans and there is a feeling of empathy, things that inspired him to work on “Magic Door”.

The animated characters have also starred in their first commercial for Downy, a softener brand that became popular after it was revealed that Kookie used it to make him clothes smell good all the time. The adorable creatures look just like Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope.

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The creators wanted to portray the most characteristic gestures of idols, such as their eyes, smiles, poses, personality and the energy that each of them possesses. Unlike BT21, independent creatures that are like the mascots of BTS, the TinyTan are animated idols who represent the boys.

If the members fell in love with you, the chibi version will too, plus these little ones performed their own version of “Mic Drop”.


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