This Is How Spectacular The $ 3,499 Fender Stratocaster From Final Fantasy XIV Is


Final Fantasy XIV stars in a limited edition Fender. It will be available for pre-order at the end of 2021 and will arrive digitally in the game with patch 5.55. Final Fantasy XIV is the star of a new limited edition Fender guitar model. This Stratocaster will not only move to the world of MMO, but will be available in real life at a price of $ 3,499.99. The purchase includes a vintage-style sleeve with the game’s logo and a certificate of authenticity, along with an illustration.

This is the Final Fantasy XIV Stratocaster from Fender

The collaboration between Square Enix and Fender was born as part of the guitar maker’s 75th anniversary celebration. “This incredible and unique Stratocaster is dressed entirely in black with a body that features translucent sections of blue and purple crystals, designed to represent the crystals of Light and Dark, key thematic elements of the game,” explains Fender during his announcement.

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Reservations will begin sometime in late 2021, while shipments will be made during the beginning of 2022. If you can’t afford the $ 3,499, you can always afford its digital version in-game. With patch 5.55, available on May 25, the guitar will arrive as part of the Gold Saucer rewards. The sum of MGP has not transpired.

The instrument may be played by those users who have Bardo as their profession. “The in-game electric guitar allows the ability to switch between clean and distorted tones, and players can also enjoy special moves,” explains Square Enix on its official website.

Regarding Final Fantasy XIV, in the last hours the roadmap that will follow throughout this year has been shared, which will culminate with the launch of Endwalker in November. The return of the event is expected with Final Fantasy XV, a new summer campaign and more. The release date of the version for PS5 has also transpired. Know what comes through this link.


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