This is how Lorena Herrera looked 26 years ago.


The beautiful model and actress, Lorena Herrera, showed off how she looked 26 years ago when launching one of her beauty books

If you are from Mexico or Latin America, you will surely know the famous model and actress, Lorena Herrera, because apart from having appeared in various soap operas, she has dedicated herself to promoting different products and even a book with her image.

And it is that being one of the most recognized models of the 90s in Mexico, she placed herself as a beauty icon and even took advantage of this to monetize her great popularity as much as possible.

Lorena Herrera tells us that since she was very little she was interested in beauty and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why more than 20 years ago she launched a book with tips which she decided to give away through her official Instagram, since He confessed that the publisher kept most of the money.

Yes, this is not a new fact, publishers almost always stay a very large percentage since they are in charge of distributing and promoting books, so some writers recommend that if you are looking to start and launch your own book you could do it alone, now that it takes fewer books to earn what you would earn from a publisher selling hundreds of thousands.

The famous actress and model looked totally different as she looks today because the years have not passed in vain, however, she still retains that essence of beauty and freshness that many would like since she is still considered one of the most beautiful and loved by its public. We can see her in the next snapshot with her expensive s3ductora.

Surely you have seen her image in a product because she was very involved and we can see her almost everywhere, both on magazine covers and packaging, something very interesting and curious about the beautiful Lorena Herrera.

The beautiful model and actress wrote in the description: “Do not think that this sharing of Beauty and Health tips is new, for those who do not know, I took a book in 1994 !! 26 years ago !! “Lorena Herrera Beauty Tips” with Diana editorial and it was really a success, they released several editions !! But normally the publishers stay 90% It’s working for them !!! I prefer to share them here for Free !! Since I was 14 years old I have been interested in learning about all this! “, she claimed.

It should be remembered that Herrera began her career as a model participating in beauty pageants with Cristina Villaseñor, in “The Look Of The Year”, “Miss Bikini International” and “Señorita Univision”. She has also participated in a total of 56 films, among which are Two Women, One Way, The Grand Prize, María Isabel, My Destiny is You, Amy, the Girl with the Blue Backpack and Lola, Once Upon a Time.

During her career, she has posed without any clothes for the men’s magazine in 1987 Signore under the pseudonym “Bárbara Ferrat”, which she denies because she claims she was a supposed twin sister. In March 2011, she also posed without clothes for the Mexican edition of Playboy.

Lately she got involved in helping people, it was in 2016 with the Karma video she made her debut on the singer’s Vevo channel, in which she put aside the erotic style of her previous clips to focus on other audiovisual elements such as the costumes, settings and camera movements. All the money raised through digital platforms with this song was donated to children living in extreme poverty in Mexico.


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