This is how Lili Reinhart managed to surpass Cole Sprouse


Lili Reinhart keeps busy during the quarantine, noting that there is no trace of a broken heart. Lili Reinhart proved that even during the pandemic, she can stay active and happy. Despite being involved in rumors about her relationship with Cole Sprouse and the separation from this boy, Lili has turned the page by becoming an example for her fans.

The Riverdale actress who plays the curious Betty Cooper has taken the best of this season to relax and make way for activities that sometimes her busy schedule does not allow her to take advantage of.

That is why, through her social networks, she has shared a little about the journey she recently undertook. The actress was also focused on her book of poems and, in addition, raised her voice for high-impact social causes.

Lili Reinhart also shared her experience being part of the LGBT community, so many fans appreciated the girl’s honesty in becoming a representative figure….

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