This is how Kendall Jenner played it on her birthday


Following some basic anticovid rules does not go with the Kardashian-Jenners. As much as we like the ‘klan’, the truth is that these girls are passing the rules recommended by the health authorities for the very lining. Why do we talk about it again? Because Kendall Jenner (24) just turned 24 and … Singing party!

If a few weeks ago it was Kim who left us all stunned with the photos of her super birthday party held on a private island (with forty guests in between), this time it was Kendall, one of the highest paid models in the world , the one who wanted to blow out the candles accompanied by friends and family.

And watch out for everything that is being leaked about the celebration: more than a hundred people, without a mask, without a safety distance, dancing, kisses, hugs … The photos we have seen on social networks seem to be taken from a ‘party’ pre-pandemic.

The Los Angeles press assures that everyone present had to undergo rapid tests to verify that they were not infected before getting on the roof of the hotel where the party was going to be held, butooo … You know how they are these things. The reliability of the quick tests is not the best, and who knows if it has. This is to say that celebrities like Kendall should lead by example.

Come on, in total it is said that there were more than a hundred people and all of them without a mask. And beware, that in one of the images that they say has been circulating on the networks, it is assumed that you could see a poster of the party with the following notice: “Take all the photos you want but, please, do not publish them in any social network “. It is not known for what purpose they tried to prevent stamps from being leaked, but it may be that they were looking to avoid criticism.

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It didn’t take long for the ‘followers’ of the clan to complain about this kind of behavior. “The rich are immune” or “they have the same cure for covid-19 and they have forgotten to tell us” are some of the most repeated phrases.


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