This is how Karla Martínez has changed over the years


Karla Martínez is one of the favorite presenters on the small screen, not only because of her talent, but also because of her great way of being. At 44 years old, she has managed to make a very solid career on the small screen and although she has always looked radiant, over time she has had several physical changes. We leave you some photographs that show it.

1. At 28 years old

The presenter has always sported a great tan. In 2004 she was only 28 years old but she already looked ready for the medium.

2. A more elegant bearing

Over time Karla began to adopt her elegant style, on the red carpets she showed herself with her hair collected and very formal.

3. Always radiant

On each red carpet, she has stood out for looking spectacular and when she was in her early 30s they became her great allies.

4. Ruffles your mane

Karla chose to let her hair down with the start of the new decade. Without a doubt a very fresh and renewed style.

5. Says “goodbye” to her long

But the mane did not last long because 3 years later she appeared with her short hair look which she has adopted in recent years.


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