This is how Jimin reacted when he received the medal


Jimin showed his cutest side by reacting for the ‘Order of Cultural Merit’ medal. Look adorable reaction of Jimin to receiving the medal to the ‘Order of the Cultural Merit’.

BTS is one of the most listened to K-pop groups in the world, they have managed to break the language barrier and they are a pride for their nation , because they raise the name of South Korea.

The 7 idols of Big Hit Entertainment were awarded one of the most important awards in their country , in 2018 , BTS received the ‘Order of Cultural Merit’ medal from the South Korean government.

The Bangtan Boys made history as the youngest artists to be recognized with this award, also being the first K-pop group to be at the award ceremony with important figures from politics and the arts.

BTS offered one of the most emotional and inspiring speeches upon receiving the ‘ Order of Cultural Merit ‘ medal , thanking ARMY for their support, the idols were happy to be recognized by their government .

Recently were released some images of the event , one photograph that caught my attention was that of Jimin to the read the poster event, the camera was able to record to perfection his reaction to reading the description that the government of Korea of the South made BTS :

They are world-renowned musicians who marked a new milestone in the development of the Hallyu Wave and elevated the status of the industry.

In the description it also specified that Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, V, Suga and J-Hope have the record as the first South Korean artists to debut at number 1 on the Billboard chart with two albums.

Jimin was so shocked that even though his face was looking down, cameramen managed to photograph him with his mouth open, a sign that the ‘Lie’ singer was very impressed by his accomplishments .

At the end of the text, Park Jimin just put his hands together and pursed his lips a little. Owww, the band’s fans did not hesitate to comment on Jimin’s reaction to being recognized with ‘Order of Cultural Merit’.

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