This is how Halstead and Voight’s relationship will be from now on


Chicago P.D. returns this Wednesday, January 5, 2022 with the tenth episode of season 9. The continuation of the story of the police drama after the hard events that involved Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), will present a twist that no one ever imagined. (Episode 10 spoilers)

Chicago fans P.D. they saw in episode 9 Halstead and Voight forced to work together while the FBI investigated the murder of the criminal Roy Walton at the hands of Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), which the sergeant of the intelligence unit was covering up. From the first episode of season 9, Soffer’s character did not agree to keep the secret, while the federal police pressured him to bring down his boss. However, he never gave him away.

The solution was in the mind of the cunning Voight. His extensive intelligence experience, and the decades he has under his belt, getting away with doing what he wants to catch the bad guys, allowed him to come out on top again after blackmailing the FBI agent. Otherwise he would have gone to prison. The truth is that they both joined forces in his strategy and made the FBI forget everything.

Now, the question that all Chicago P.D. are made, is that it will come after the intense confrontations between Halstead and Voight and how the work and personal relationship will be between them, since the head of the intelligence unit was always seen as a father and mentor for the detective who is now husband of Upton.

Now fans of the NBC crime series can look forward to a “new relationship” emerging between Halstead and Voight. After everything they went through, there is no doubt that the relationship between the two characters will change. In this regard, this was what the Chicago showrunner P.D. Gwen Follow:

“I’m so excited to explore Jay and Voight’s new relationship, and the performances of Jesse [Lee Soffer] and Jason [Beghe] in this episode just made it that much more exciting. We saw Jay come to a very empowered place. out of his struggle, he came out with a new understanding and a new way of working with Voight that felt acceptable in his head for the high cost he paid for this episode. ”

In Chicago P.D. Halstead is an honest cop who has never hesitated to confront Voight when he has a duty to do so. In this case, Soffer said that his boss needed someone to make him back down from his constant actions usually outside the rules; and therefore, his character was the most suitable to do it and he succeeded. It only remains to be seen for the remainder of Season 9, how the two members of the police department’s intelligence unit will get along from now on.