This is how everyday life looks like after a stroke


Inna gives information. Together with her partner Vanessa, she is known on social media as Couple on tour. Apart from beautiful moments like the birth of daughter Olivia, they also show difficult times. Shortly before giving birth, Nessie had a stroke. Since then, she has been in the hospital and has undergone several operations. But what does Ina’s daily clinical routine look like?

As part of the question and answer session on Instagram, YouTube has now answered exactly this question. In addition to physical therapy, Ina has other methods of treatment. “And then I do a lot of things for my head — I practice concentration, attention, speed,” she explained to her subscribers. Besides, she needs a lot of rest.

“It can be quite easy for a healthy person. It’s a little different for me now,” Ina continued. She will soon have the next operation: “I hope this will be the last operation,” her wife Nessie stressed.


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