This is how Demon’s Souls was created


We interviewed Gavin Moore, creative director of the title at SIE Studios, in charge of coordinating both the Japanese team and Bluepoint Games.

Demon’s Souls is the first great video game exclusive to PS5. There is no alternative: only PlayStation 5. A name known to the players of the Japanese brand; an emblem, according to many, since it would serve as a trigger for what we now understand as the soulslike formula. Back in 2009, the FromSoftware studio would sign – then without knowing it – a valuable page in the history of the medium; now, a decade later, comes the reinterpretation of that idea in the form of a remake and premiere for a new generation of PlayStation consoles.

A joint effort between SIE Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games, a complex journey of almost three years where Gavin Moore, creative director, has served as a mediator so that everything went smoothly. MeriStation has had the opportunity to interview the main architect of the return to Boletaria to tell us how it all started, how development has been and what we can expect from a title designed from scratch for PS5.

Before the meeting, we were able to access an unpublished extended gameplay of the title in its finalized version, so that we have already been able to see in good quality how the game will look. From now on, it only remains for the studio to take advantage of these last weeks to apply touch-ups and eliminate bugs, as is usual in these cases. Everything ready for November 12; although getting here has been a long journey.

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