This is how BTS managed to enter Hanyang University


The members of BTS attended an interview at the facilities of this university. BTS members have become students of Hanyang Cyber ​​University , find out how their entry to this school happened.

It was recently reported that some of the BTS members are already taking classes at this university. Everything seems to indicate that Suga, RM and J-Hope began to study a Master of Business Administration focused on Advertising Media from the first months of this year.

V and Jimin will also take this course, however, they will start doing so starting in September. The entrance to this university implies the fulfillment of some requirements, among them, a written work that they must deliver and a personal interview.

Although it is believed that some members had to conduct this interview online due to the emergency unleashed by the coronavirus, the members who have already joined Hanyang University did attend the interview on school premises and a follower of the group idol revealed a story about this moment.

According to the fan , she worked for a time at this university , so the story reached her ears when she found out thanks to her former colleagues who worked there.

The story that this girl shared, affirms that the interview of the members of BTS was scheduled for a day after MAMA 2018. The group attended this award ceremony held in Hong Kong, therefore, the members of the university did not believe that they attended the interview.

However, committed to their plans, the boys returned to Korea in a private jet and arrived at the university. To go unnoticed, they mobilized from the underground parking lot to the interview site , where they were able to introduce themselves and answer the questions that the school prepared for them.

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Now, the members of BTS have become a source of inspiration for their fans who continue their studies.


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