This is how BTS created the OST for the movie Your Eyes Tell


Jungkook was in charge of the production and composition of this song, find out how the creative process was. The BTS guys will be part of the OST of Your Eyes Tell, so they worked on a song that will bear the same name.

Before the release of their new Japanese album Map of the Soul 7: The Journey, the members of BTS will reveal the second single for this record production, but also, ARMY was a big surprise to learn that this song titled Your Eyes Tell will be part from a movie.

Faced with such a positive reaction from fans of the idol group, new details about this melody composed and produced by Jungkook were revealed.

The Japanese newspaper Nikkan Sports published a statement by Bang Si Hyuk regarding the creative process they carried out for Your Eyes Tell . According to the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, Jungkook read the script for the film and was also able to see a draft of the film, allowing him to get inspiration and create the ideal lyrics to accompany the story.

While working on this tune, the members of BTS sent some previews of their work, however, the final melody took an unexpected turn, since it was a very different proposal than what they had previously submitted.

The result was very well received by the production of the film , since, although they planned to include the song at the end of the tape, after listening to it, the director thought it would be a good idea if, in addition, fragments were added during development of history.

Your Eyes Tell is a remake of a South Korean movie that is named Always.

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