This is how BTS celebrates their top 1 in Dynamite Hot 100


BTS celebrates their first # 1 on the Billboard 100 with “Dynamite.” The BigHit group continues to demonstrate its great popularity in K-pop and its rise in the United States, something that started as a dream today is a reality and the members of Bangtan could not contain their emotions after the news they received and thus expressed their gratitude and love to the ARMY.

Through the official BTS account and on Weverse, the boys shared their thoughts after making it known that “Dynamite” managed to position itself at the top of the Billboard list, the most important chart in the music industry in America, with a week full of streams, records on YouTube, the single boomed and achieved first place.

Jimin admitted that this award is for ARMY, because without their support it would not have been achieved, he also apologized for not having the exact words to describe what he feels right now, as he has not stopped crying since his new achievement was revealed, The idol still doesn’t believe this is all real and he hasn’t been able to sleep since.

Suga is also very shocked, in a positive way, the idol simply shared the symbols that represent crying in the Korean language, he also accompanied him message with a hashtag to celebrate Jungkook and for him insomnia due to the emotion of this achievement. In Weverse, Taehyung asked the ARMY if it was something real.

In social networks, the BTS fandom has made phrases such as #ARMYLovesYouBTS, THANK YOU BTS, YOU DESERVE IT and the famous I PURPLE YOU, because it is a moment that they will never forget, the K-pop group has gained popularity and fame in the last couple of years, although they still aspire to awards like GRAMMY.

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For his part, J-Hope also admitted to crying, Jungkook’s birthday gave them the best gift of his career, their fandom has been an important factor for their goals, they are one of the greatest in K-pop and it gives them a big boost for every release, millions of sales and plays.

BTS is the first Korean act to reach # 1 on Billboard with “Dynamite,” a most scored achievement in their career.


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