This Is Gavi in FIFA 22: Averages And Official Evaluations Of The New Promise Of FC Barcelona


FIFA 22: The pearl of Camp Barça has statistics in FIFA 22 that do not reflect his performance in real life. She is thus one of the great promises of the game. FIFA 22 continues one more year on its way to offer the most realistic football available in the video game market. As is often the case in delivery after delivery, the community surrounds two of its aspects: Career mode and Ultimate Team. For success in the first one you must not only achieve good results, but also take care of the quarry. The future of the club is in your hands and that of the kids.

One of the surprises of the current season is the appearance of Gavi in ​​the elite of football. Luis Enrique has relied on the game that he plays at FC Barcelona to make him debut against no less than the current European champion: Italy. The truth is that the exam was passed with flying colors. However, the merits of the Sevillian do not seem to be up to date in the FIFA 22 database.

A player with enormous potential

Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, better known as Gavi, has an average rating of 66 points. It is common for players in the quarry to move below 70, but the really interesting thing is that it has a potential of 85. For those who do not know what it is, that would be the limit to which it could aspire if it continues to rise to This rythm.

In the game he has a value of 3 million euros and a salary of 5000 euros a month, a candy for any club that wants to strengthen itself from below. In fact, if you are in Career mode, we recommend that you run for it. Few midfielders with this potential you will find in Spanish football. Of course, he still has a dedicated letter in FUT.

Thanks to the live statistics of FIFA 22 we can see much of his capabilities improved. His aggressiveness, dribbling and positioning is what has risen the most (14, 4 and 6 points, respectively). The cut pass and vision of him, both with 75 valuation, allow him to be a player who moves the ball correctly. We’d even say it’s hard to destabilize him in melee, thanks to the 82 of him in balance from him. He won’t roll over as soon as he has a dispute.


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