This Is Apple’s Solution For Mounting Larger Batteries In Your Devices


Apple: The battery is one of Apple’s pending subjects. Yes, the firm compensates for a ‘small’ stack if we compare it with the rest of its rivals with a good optimization of it through software. But this is not enough, and this hardware needs not only improvements to make it more spacious and efficient, but also to fit a specific space depending on the product. For this reason, you will build smaller hardware to increase the battery capacity of your devices.

The key to increasing battery capacity

Every manufacturer of electronic devices knows the importance of the construction of their electronic devices. All components count as they occupy a space inside the device. Processor, RM, internal space, graphics processor, speakers, heat sinks … and all of them placed on a motherboard that also needs its placement. And this is where Apple wants to emphasize to bring bigger batteries to its mobile devices.

The answer has been found by Macrumors in reports that “chips are getting thinner with higher performance to allow more space for higher capacity battery solutions for devices, and the demand for IPD (passive embedded devices) it will grow dramatically in line with the trend ”. We have seen this practice in the iPhone processors, for example, where they already measure 5 nm in the case of the A14 Bionic. If we go to another segment, we can talk about M2 hard drives, which are connected directly to the motherboard and provide a higher reading and writing speed than traditional mechanical hard drives. If we already take into account that each time the bitten apple eliminates more external connections, the battery will have more space.

Upgrades for all mobile devices

The detail that we mentioned before is key to understanding everything. And is that this reduction in the size of the main chips applies to all mobile devices of the firm. By this we mean that the next iPhone, iPad and Macbook are the most attractive for the incorporation of larger batteries. At the end of the day, all of them share the use of a battery that gives them autonomy when they are not connected to the current, and it is at those moments when the user values ​​a device that is operational for a long time.


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