This is also the most wonderful time of the year when Lacey Chabert starts her Christmas movie with funny posts


It may only be August, but Hallmark fans are probably already ready for the most wonderful time of the year and the festive films that the network shows around Christmas. One of the most notable stars of the company, of course, is Lacey Chabert, who recently reunited with a colleague from the movie “Mean Girls” at a Christmas contest in Pasadena. Now she’s in a really festive mood as she begins production on her latest Christmas movie. And she shared some funny posts to mark the occasion.

Lacey Chabert shared her latest Christmas trip to the cinema in her Instagram stories. In one of the posts, the actress can be seen at the airport, where she was accompanied by her luggage. In her post, she subtly mentioned “12 days of Christmas,” but instead of your usual six geese laying eggs, five gold rings, and so on, her list included travel essentials.

The actress continued her delightful song in another post, and all this led to the fact that she is shooting another Hallmark movie.

The production of this Christmas movie begins right after Hallmark loses an amazing number of stars due to the rival GAC Family network. But Lacey Chabert talked about the most “useful” part of being online, and it seems that she has no plans to leave in the near future. By this point, she has become a real hero of the family channel, so it’s nice to see that she continues her work there and seems to enjoy it.

In addition to her hilarious song, the star was also quick to explain why she was wearing a mask on the street. She noted her duty to ensure the safety of herself and others as she prepares to work on this new production.

Before working on the Christmas movie, Lacey Chabert was very busy in Hawaii, where she was working on another film. This film under the direction of Chabert is called “Groundswell”, and she is promoting it before the premiere, which will take place in just a week. Chabert posted stunning photos from the set, and there are enough of them to make anyone want to go on an impromptu vacation in the tropics. Needless to say, the star is really spinning thanks to her participation in these various productions.

Hopefully, details about Lacey Chabert’s new Christmas movie will indeed be revealed soon, but at the same time, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to post more photos as production continues. And maybe even another reference to a Christmas carol or two.

Take a look at the CinemaBlend schedule of upcoming Hallmark films, including “Groundswell,” which premieres on Sunday, August 21. This and other films should be enough to keep the audience until the festive celebrations.


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