This iPhone X continues to work after 6 days lost at sea


Not from the Apple departments that have the most work every time a new iPhone comes out, it is certainly advertising, and each campaign is worth tens of millions of dollars. But Ben Schofield, a British sailor, may have created the best advertisement in Apple’s history for the still in vogue iPhone X, from now on the mobile that can endure days under sea water.

An iPhone X in the water

Let’s meet Ben Schofield, a 35-year-old deck sailor who works on the Regal Lady – formerly the Oulton Belle – museum ship and one of several known as ‘Dunkirk Little Ships’, or the Dunkirk boats, a flotilla of Hundreds of merchant marine vessels, fishermen, yachts, etc. that did not hesitate to sail in May – June 1940 to Dunkirk, France, to assist in the evacuation of Allied soldiers in World War II – as the masterful film very well reflects. Dunquerque, by Christopher Nolan.

Permanently docked in the Port of Scarborough, on the North East coast of England, Schofield was recently working on the Regal Lady and suffered a mishap: his mobile phone fell off the deck, directly into the sea surrounding Scarborough Harbor. An iPhone X no less, that although today Apple no longer sells it officially, it can be found on other websites, and a high-end terminal that once cost more than a thousand euros.

Operation Rescue ‘X’

Aided by a friend, Ben attempted to rescue his precious phone from the corrosive salty waters of the sea by diving in the area, but to no avail. However, he did not give up, and decided to wait for the tide in the area to drop in order to have a better view of the seabed in the area.

But the tide would still take 6 days to go down, which means that the terminal would be almost a week submerged in salt water, which is practically a death sentence for an electronic device due to time and corrosion.

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In fact, the iPhone X is IP 67 certified, which means that it can handle submerged in water without problems, but only for 30 minutes and at a depth of 1 meter at most. The Schofield terminal was sunk 50 feet deep, about 15 meters, for 6 days and in sea water.

But by trying, he lost nothing, so the sailor took advantage of the low tide in that area of ​​the port, which revealed the bed. He put plastic bags on his shoes and descended from the side of the boat. And in the middle of a surface of sea mud and puddles of salt water, he found his iPhone X. And what makes this story the best announcement from Apple is that the terminal still worked.

Not even Apple believed it

Checking that it was still vibrating, Schofield cleaned the screen, removed the rigid case that protected it from bumps and falls, and checked how the terminal was still on. So he cleaned the mud off, removed the sand from the loading port, and let it dry. As soon as he did, the sailor charged the iPhone X, which still had a 3% battery, and “everything worked. I contacted Apple and they couldn’t believe it. ”

How could this have happened? An iPhone that for 6 days was sunk more than 10 times the depth it supported and still worked despite the salt in the water. According to Apple, it seems that “the sand covered the loading holes of the terminal and preserved it.” Be that as it may, the story has a happy ending, and Ben Schofield has not been left without a mobile, in addition to having a good story to tell in the pub.


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