This Investor Saved $ 30K Thanks to Binance


Binance shared how it helped the Chinese investor recover 200,000 yuan ($ 30,000) stolen by a group of fraudsters. In the article, it was stated that the investor who did not share his name lost money with his friend in a project. The investor admitted that he invested in the project because the interest rates were attractive.

The investor, who did not want to be named, said that he worked in the field of finance and had considerable experience in the crypto market. Stating that he lost his money in a project, the investor said that he expected to save 0.1% of his money under normal conditions. But the investor completely freed his money from the fraudulent group with the help of Binance officials.

How Binance Helped the Investor

In Binance’s blog post, it was learned that the person investing in the project could not access the project’s website the next day. In addition, it was among other shared data that the social media accounts of the project also disappeared. Realizing that he was a victim of fraud, the investor set out to search for people in the same situation on many communication platforms such as Telegram. Continuing his research, the investor finally discovered that the money was transferred to 10 different Binance wallets located in Singapore. The investor, who immediately contacted the authorities, started to trace his money.

By blocking the money transferred to 10 different wallets, Binance did not remain a spectator, enabling the investor to regain the money they lost. It was stated that the fraud occurred was not related to Binance, only money was transferred to Binance wallets. The investor also stated that he expects to save only 0.1% of his money.

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Apart from this incident, Binance is known to try to help users in many scams. Stating that they often struggle with cyber crimes such as money laundering, which cannot be resolved, Binance underlined that especially user satisfaction should always be in the first place and as a large company, they should always assume responsibilities.


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