This helmet from Xiaomi will help you relax


Xiaomi has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on its Youpin platform and it is for a curious gadget with a design that only reminds us of futuristic movies.

It is an intelligent intelligent head massager, from the Momoda brand, which despite its unusual appearance ensures that we can perform deep massages and relax completely.

Massages on various parts of the head and face

This product called Momoda Smart Head Massager, uses a 3D air bag to massage the head, eyes and neck to achieve a 360 degree massage effect.

In detail, the head area automatically adapts the airbag pressure and vibration of the 7 convex silicone heads, to ensure user comfort. And then he presses various points as if it were an acupuncture session, in order to stimulate the brain, as well as circulate the blood and relax the scalp.

In addition, the massager gently massages the eyes by lowering the pressure of the airbag, with the help of a cushioning material at 40º degrees, it will help to completely relieve the symptoms of tired eyes.

Using high-frequency massage to press the neck, the airbag expands and contracts, and at the same time achieves 40º compression with graphene material, which can eliminate neck muscle tension and fatigue, relax the neck and prevent injury. long-term in front of the computer.

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