This heartbreaking confession from Jimin made ARMY cry


BTS’s Jimin made a strong and heartbreaking confession that moved the most sensitive part of ARMY, what is it about?

Along with BTS, Jimin managed to become an idol. Not only in South Korea, but his popularity is also worldwide along with the other six BTS colleagues. However, it turned out that it was not easy for the singer to achieve the success that he is today. He had a long and tearful journey.

There were various events that Jimin experienced and they certainly made BTS fans known as ARMY sad and cry. why?

Jimin followed a strict diet

In the episode Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, he followed a strict diet while working on the BTS song Blood, Sweat and Tears. Jimin revealed that he wanted to look handsome and decided to go on an extreme diet.

“As I looked in the mirror during Blood, Sweat and Tears training, I wanted to be handsome. So I follow a diet where I limit myself to eating only once a day for 10 days, “Jimin was quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

In fact, Jimin has managed to lose weight. He lost a lot of weight. It’s just that, he experienced the side effects of the extreme diet he went through, like fainting during dance practice.

“However, I learned not to go on a diet like this again,” he said.

It seems hard to believe, Jimin almost couldn’t debut with BTS due to his dancing skills.

Jimin specialized in contemporary dance, which is very different from the dance styles of idol boy groups. So Jimin had a hard time being a trainee.

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In fact, there are people at Big Hit Entertainment who don’t want Jimin to debut with BTS.

“(I can’t say his name) but a lot of people who are opposed to me joining (BTS),” Jimin was quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

In 2017, Jimin shared that he often spends time with his friends and takes care of himself when he’s relaxed.

“Since last year, I have gone out with friends more often. Before, I used to think, ‘I’m going to live in a practice studio. I will rest in the studio and sleep in the studio, “said the singer.

He also told me about his past, he really had no way to relieve his stress. So getting to know lots of people is your way of helping to relieve stress.

“After living like this for a while, I suddenly realized, ‘What else am I doing besides acting? I realized I had never thought about relieving stress, but I finally found a way to meet people to relieve stress, “revealed Jimin.


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