This has been the most disgusting scene in the overall drama


As we will recall, Cobra Kai is the sequel to the successful The Karate Kid franchise. After more than three decades, the story finally continued on Netflix screens giving the best of itself to its millions of viewers. Spoiler alert below!

This dramatic martial arts comedy continues after the three-way showdown at the All Valley Karate Tournament. In the second episode of this installment titled “First Learn Stand”, the new student Kenny Payne (Dallas Dupree Young) was introduced.

As Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) move past their differences, they clash over whether to use Daniel’s more zen and defensive Miyagi-Do techniques, or Eagle’s hyper-masculine offensive tactics. Johnny Fang. Now the new obstacle of these two is to do a long training together to defeat sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove).

Of course, these workouts have also been exhausting for the behind-the-scenes cast, especially Ralph Macchio, he jokingly confessed that the creators of Cobra Kai “really enjoy putting it on the wringer.” In the staging you can see the interpreter defending himself from a tennis ball machine and doing endless repetitions of push-ups.

In addition to the extreme physical challenges he goes through, Ralph Macchio also revealed that a particularly disgusting scene did not make it to the First Learn Stand episode. In this lost scene, Daniel wears a blindfold while Johnny forces him to have a questionable pre-workout shake. “It was supposed to be like vodka and eggs,” said Cobra Kai creator Josh Heald.

“Ralph had to drink it, and it took him an endless amount of time to drown out whatever the prop master did. It was like baby food in real life.”

Of course, the actor admitted that he did not manage to finish this disgusting drink in one gulp, to clear the thought of him, he confessed: “I kept thinking of Stallone in the original ‘Rocky’ movie, knocking down the five eggs.” However, despite his will it was not possible for him to do this scene “he just didn’t get into the episode.”

While fans are delighted with the episodes of this installment, the production has already announced that the fifth season has already stopped filming a few months ago, it is expected that it will finally premiere in mid-December of this year, since the same production of Cobra Kai was amazed at how quickly it took them to film it.