This hair color of Jungkook will make ARMY fall in love with itself


The maknae of the K-pop group made ARMY fall in love with the new shade of his hair, the idol celebrated the premiere of “BE Essential Edition” with his peers. BTS’s Jungkook surprises ARMY with the new shade of his blonde hair, the idol decided to grow his hair out and have a new look during 2021.

The agency’s K-pop group BigHit celebrated their first musical plans of 2021 with the release from the repackage of “BE” , a special edition with which they celebrate their GRAMMY nomination and # 1 on Billboard. The guys gifted ARMY with new content and also held a virtual party.

Through the VLive platform, BTS made a live broadcast for the launch of “BE Essential Edition”, in addition to celebrating their musical achievements, Jungkook surprised ARMY with a new look change, his new ash blonde hair toneit became a trend on social networks.

New year, new changes, the maknae of the K-pop group took this rule very seriously and decided to start 2021 with a new image. Since 2020, Jungkook kept his hair cut with some green streaks, then he grew it out increasing ARMY’s euphoria, then he cut it again and finally decided to bleach it to blonde.


The idol expressed that he has never liked dyeing because his scalp suffers a lot, but he decided to start 2021 as a sunny blonde boy . His change of look was one of the first trends that he imposed on fashion, but recently he appeared with a new ash tone. Jungkook’s

hair looks much longer than last time, plus the ends show off his curls, but what ARMY fell in love with was the grayish tone of his hair, a new look that highlights his pale complexion, the blonde has been out of tune to a lighter shade and Jungkook. You can rock it as a trendy style, plus it stands in stark contrast to your dark roots, as if it were an anime character.

ARMY shared several photos and video clips to admire the hair of the maknae, who always surprises with each look, it is not known if he will retouch his blonde color or leave his ash tone.

In addition to showing off the new shade of blonde in his hair, BTS’s maknae made an important deal, Jungkook promises Jimin something special.