This Friday and Saturday Moon, Jupiter and Saturn


This Friday (28), astronomy lovers will be able to observe a new conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, which will be visible to the naked eye throughout Brazil, even where there is a lot of light pollution. The phenomenon, which will also happen tomorrow (29), is just not noticeable in cloudy weather.

The conjunction occurs when two or more celestial bodies appear to be close to each other, viewed from a single point of observation. In other words, the two planets are not really close to the natural satellite. It is just an impression of the observer, looking at the Earth’s night sky.

Today, the Moon will be closer to Jupiter. The show
astronomical can be viewed about an hour after sunset, starting at approximately 6pm. Just look at the eastern horizon, at about 52º, where you will see two bright spots, which are the planets. They will reach the highest point between 8 pm and 9 pm, depending on the region.

Tomorrow, the alignment will be greater between the Moon and Saturn. Also starting at 6 pm, about 44º above the eastern horizon, the stars will be at the highest point shortly after 9 pm, heading west. The observation can be made until 3:30 am, when they set on the horizon.

Observation Tips

The conjunction Moon, Jupiter and Saturn can be observed without the aid of any equipment. But if you have a high-powered telescope, you will have the chance to enjoy an even more beautiful spectacle, including viewing Saturn’s rings. Good binoculars also provide a more detailed observation of the phenomenon.

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And if you have difficulty finding the Solar System giants in the night sky, the tip is to use apps like Stellarium, Sky Map and Star Chart, in addition to others, which make it easier to find celestial objects.


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