This fan rap about Eleven-milli Bobby Brown, Kevin Hart and Venom Will Make You Wheeze


What do Eleven performed by Millie Bobby Brown, Kevin Hart and Venom Sheila have in common? Apart from their quirky sense of humor and the fact that they are all the main antiheroes of their series? Well, it’s a lemon! Hold your horses, we’ll explain everything. Apparently, a fan rap featuring all of the aforementioned entities, lemon and denim in “Eminem Rhyming Style” has now gone viral on various social media platforms.

Fans go crazy after hearing the song and are constantly trying to remember it in its entirety. Soon he will become another TikTok and Instagram sensation. If you haven’t heard this mind-blowing rap song yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. From the text to the video clip — here is everything you need to know about the rap that you will be mumbling on repeat in the next few minutes.

Millie Bobby Brown, Kevin Hart and Venom from MCU rap

A TikTok comedian and creator of video game content, SandMax24 has been creating rap for some time. Among his earliest rap songs was Kevin drinking Venom. When you listen to the song below, his special cadence on “Juicy Lemon” will make you roll on the floor. Rhyming sample “Kevin. Venom. Kevin drinks poison…” with a perfect billboard video edited by a computer will also cause you to laugh out loud.


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SandMax24 (@sandmax24)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Just in case you need it, here is the entire text of the rap song:

“Kevin. Venom. Kevin drinks poison. Venom is drinking poison, and Kevin is wearing jeans. Eleven are drinking poison with Venom and Kevin in jeans. Juicy lemon. It’s a denim paradise. Denim paradise with Kevin in jeans and Venom in jeans near Eleven with lemon at Seven Eleven in Bremen.”

The video of the song was first uploaded to Instagram on September 20 and has already gained 41 thousand views.

What do you think is the funniest thing about this rap song? Let us know in the comments below, and also share with us your version of Kevin Drinking Poison, featuring Eleven Strange Cases, played by none other than the very talented Millie Bobby Brown.



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