This EXO member is rumored to be getting married in 2022?


There is a surprising rumor that states that one of the EXO members will be getting married in the near future. Through a discussion of one of the forums on the nate site on November 16, 2021, it was stated that the EXO member with the initials S-H will get married in February 2022.

The netizen who conveyed the rumor added that S-H was not the youngest member in EXO, considering that there were two EXO members who chose the same initials, namely Sehun and Suho.

Suho is suspected of being EXO, through the post, details were released again stating that Suho will get married on February 13, 2022, around the time Suho’s military service ends.

Until now, there has been no response from Suho EXO’s agency, SM Entertainment regarding the rumors carrying the artist’s name.