This detail which proves Elizabeth II fears the coronavirus


Queen Elizabeth is afraid of coronavirus? Indeed, it seems that faced with the scale of the virus, the Queen of England wants to protect herself from it.

Elizabeth II changes her habits. If this is enough to surprise those around her, it may reflect a certain fear . Does she fear coronavirus?

While the coronavirus frightens the general public , the Queen of England also seems to want to guard against it. In fact, she seems to at least take certain precautions.

However, there is a gesture that the queen never made during her reign, and which would obviously betray her fear of the coronavirus. Thus, Elizabeth II would have taken the annoying tendency to shake hands with her gloves …!

Yes, in 66 years of reign, not Queen Elizabeth II had shook hands keeping her gloves. A rule that seems to be part of the label she wants to keep. However, there is a first to everything.

It was therefore during an inauguration that the monarch was seen, gloves to the wrists. Elizabeth II therefore shook hands to present medals to a war veteran and an author. A first since her coronation in 1952.

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Even if the queen has a taste for gloves, she never wears them for such occasions . However, according to sources close to Queen Elizabeth II , this is part of the protocol in force, facing the coronavirus. Indeed, a source told The Express that she was only “following government advice . ”

Finally, at court, not everyone seems to follow these measures. Thus, Kate and William literally did not take gloves when they shake hands. Finally, remember that the virus threatens especially the over 60s. It is therefore normal that at 93 years old, the queen who holds the longest reign, wants to protect herself from it.


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