This DeFi Coin Has Seriously Boosted In The Last Week


Wrapped NXM token (WNXM) has seen a serious rise. The crypto currency saw the highest value of $ 71.41 in the last 24 hours, while the lowest value was $ 56.51.

Wrapped NXM is designed for the Nexus Mutual protocol and is ETH based. Therefore, it is seen as an important project in the cryptocurrency community. WNXM has managed to attract the attention of many investors with this rise.

The Wrapped NMX token is growing due to the launch of’s Yinsure platform, where users can invest in NXM or receive tokens as rewards. In the last 24 hours, investors have gained from 2 percent to 5 percent in their funds. It seems that this cryptocurrency is a very attractive investment for investors in the DeFi space, which is currently one of the hottest areas in crypto. This may be the reason why the Wrapped NXM coin has increased by 50 percent in the last week.

Is Opportunity Arising for Investors?

According to the cryptocurrency community, WNXM seems like a beneficial investment right now. It can easily attract the attention of short-term investors. Right now, people believe that cryptocurrency is just as big an opportunity as the Nexus Mutual project. Investors strongly believe in the potential of this Ethereum-based cryptocurrency as it is highly valued in the growing DeFi market.

For example, macro analyst Remi Tetot is convinced of the great potential of the Nexus Mutual. He recently said that cryptocurrency is a unique offering in the growing DeFi. Tetot of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision sees Nexus Mutual as a project with strong potential in the crypto world. He expects the number of users to increase and the value of the cryptocurrency to increase with it.

Teto’s expectations are that cryptocurrency could easily outperform ETH soon. He made a brief analysis that stated that although the price of NXM fell in early September, the coin is slowly returning. To remind you, between September 2 and September 6, the price of NXM dropped from $ 75 to almost $ 30.

The cryptocurrency was trading at $ 56.91 at the time of writing.

The Bulls Are Back

According to current cryptocurrency prices, the bulls are back. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano and many other popular cryptocurrencies are currently on the rise. Almost all altcoins were at a low level last weekend.


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